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COVID news: Elective surgery restrictions have been lifted and we will resume all elective surgeries from 28 September. Please note that all patients who are scheduled for elective surgery admission are required to undertake a COVID test, to obtain a negative ("not infected") result prior to admission, and to self-isolate from the time of test to admission. 

All suitable consultations at Melbourne Hand Surgery are currently conducted via telehealth (phone or video consultation) to maximise patient and staff safety. We have implemented enhanced hygiene meaures in our rooms including acrylic screens, masks, hand sanitiser, face shields and physical distancing-related changes. We are closed on Fridays.

Victorians are in this together and together we will get through this. Thank you for your understanding as our community works through these unprecedented times together (last updated: 16 September 2020).

 In 2017 Melbourne Hand Surgery conducted a Quality and Improvement project examining the introduction of My Health Record within specialist practice, and aimed to establish the resources and protocols necessary for safe and effective use of the My Health Record at our practice. To assist other Australian specialist practices in introducing My Health Record use to their practice we have made our resources and protocols available for download below subject to a Creative Commons License.

 Please note: Melbourne Hand Surgery does not warrant that these resources are free from error or are applicable to your individual circumstances. They were prepared at a specific point in time, based on the legislation, policies and context then applicable. They are provided on an “as is” basis, for information purposes only.

If you decide to use these resources, it is your responsibility to modify and adapt them and ensure their compliance with applicable legislation, regulation and best practice.

Melbourne Hand Surgery takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to any person as a result of you using these resources.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for the use of NASH PKI Certificate for Healthcare Organisations (docx)

Password Policy (docx)

My Health Record System Security and Access Policy for Specialist Practice (docx)

Practice Staff Agreement to Access My Health Record (docx)

My Health Record Privacy Consent Form Template (doc)

System Risk Matrix: My Health Record in Specialist Practice (pdf)

Data Breach Notification Form (docx)

Risk analysis

Risk assessment analysis - includes risk log and sample issues log (docx)

Flow Charts

Administrative Staff Training For My Health Record (pdf)



Nursing Staff Training for My Health Record (pdf)



My Health Record Process (pdf)



Troubleshooting Difficulties in Obtaining a Patient IHI (pdf)



Checking if a Patient Has A My Health Record in Genie (pdf)



Patient Education and Consent Process For My Health Record Upload (pdf)



Inclusion of Information in Event Summaries (pdf)



Information to Include In Event Summary Uploads (pdf) 



Uploading an Operative Event Summary in Genie (pdf)



My Health Record Privacy or Data Breach Notification (pdf)



Online Training Resources

The Australian Digital Health Agency offers two online self-directed learning resources for staff of specialist practices at My Health Record Online Training. Employees can register their individual account and then login to access the training modules. At the completion of each training module the staff member can download a certificate of completion to provide to their employer. 

The module Using the System as Part of Good Patient Care introduces key principles and provides information including the benefits of using the My Health Record, the types of clinical information held in a person's My Health Record, the circumstances under which the My Health Record system will be particularly useful, and consent and how it relates to viewing and uploading information to a person's My Health Record. This module is suitable for administrative staff and healthcare practitioners in specialist practices.

The module Using The System in Specialist Practice includes information on how to view clinical information in the My Health Record system, how to upload information to a patient's My Health Record, and establishing policies and procedures to underpin use of the My Health Record system in specialist practice. This module is suitable for healthcare practitioners in specialist practices. 


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We acknowledge the support of an Avant Quality Improvement Practice Grant in undertaking this project.


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