Melbourne Hand Surgery 

Patient care philosophy

two hands clasping handI became a doctor to help people. I believe that people have the right to be heard, the right to choose, and the right to participate in decisions about their health and wellbeing.

Hands are very important to function. I understand that it is not easy to live with pain, to live with a hand that has to be immobilised in a splint or cast, to be unable to perform basic daily tasks or for you or your family to have to take time off work (or study) for medical appointments and treatment. I understand that it is important for your hands to be able to do what you need them to do.

happyfamilyoutstretchedarmsI believe that a surgeon’s role includes that of educating patients, so that they can be informed about their condition and able to play an active role in their treatment and recovery. I believe that a surgeon should communicate with her patients in plain language, and that no matter how technical something is a surgeon should be able to explain it in language that can be understood by an interested person. I believe that patients who do not speak English as a first language have a right to thorough explanations that are provided in a language or manner that they can understand.

many hands thumbs upI believe that a surgeon's role is to treat every patient with the same care and attention to detail that she would take with her own family members or friends. I believe that a smile goes a long way. I believe that not everything is perfect or can be made perfect, but that we should always strive to find ways to improve.


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