Melbourne Hand Surgery 

COVID news: Elective surgery restrictions have been lifted and we will resume all elective surgeries from 28 September. Please note that all patients who are scheduled for elective surgery admission are required to undertake a COVID test, to obtain a negative ("not infected") result prior to admission, and to self-isolate from the time of test to admission. As Epworth Cliveden remains indefinitely closed at this time Dr Tomlinson does not have any regular surgical lists at Epworth, but her lists continue at The Avenue and Glenferrie Private. 

All suitable consultations at Melbourne Hand Surgery are currently conducted via telehealth (phone or video consultation) to maximise patient and staff safety. We have implemented enhanced hygiene meaures in our rooms including acrylic screens, masks, hand sanitiser, face shields and physical distancing-related changes. We are closed on Fridays.

Victorians are in this together and together we will get through this. Thank you for your understanding as our community works through these unprecedented times together (last updated: 22 September 2020).

Interstate & overseas patients

We commonly receive requests from interstate and overseas patients to have their surgery in Melbourne and we welcome these requests. 

Wherever possible we try to streamline your consultation, surgery and follow-up process for you so that the number of visits you need to make to Melbourne are minimised and the length of your stay in Melbourne is minimised. 

Equally, we wish to ensure that all patients are adequately informed about their options prior to undergoing a surgical procedure. For this reason we require that all patients attend a consultation in our rooms with Dr Tomlinson prior to surgery and we prefer not to schedule your initial consultation and your surgery on the same day for elective procedures. If you are healthy and need emergency surgery such as surgery for a broken bone, we can organise a same day approach. However, for elective procedures we prefer, at the minimum, to arrange an afternoon or evening consultation followed by a procedure the following day. If your surgery requires sedation or a general anaesthetic then we require that you have someone who can stay with you for 24 hours after the procedure, and we advise that you should not fly until 24 hours after a procedure that requires sedation or general anaesthesia.

Why don’t we like to arrange a consultation with surgery straight afterwards for elective procedures? Optimal hand and wrist function is vital to your livelihood and well being, and we don’t want you to rush your decision. We want you to have the opportunity to consider the risks and benefits of the procedure after your suitability for the procedure has been assessed. The type of treatment that you wish to undergo may not be suitable or ideal for you. Special equipment may need to be ordered for your procedure. It may take some time for you to organise to see a hand therapist after your surgery, and this can delay and impair your recovery. We want to provide you with the best treatment possible, and for elective surgery that means not cutting corners. 

For emergency surgery time is of the essence. If you send us details of your injury including your x-ray images and photographs of any wound this can greatly assist us in assessing your injury and organising your treatment. 

It is important to understand the potential limitations of communicating via email, telephone, Skype or video after your procedure should you encounter any complications or concerns. While complications are rare, they are certainly easier to manage when your doctor can see you in person. Even if the procedure goes completely according to plan (which is usual) you still need to understand and be able to manage the post-operative rehabilitation process in order to get the best result from your treatment. Your recovery process may involve finding a hand therapist, seeing your GP to arrange x-rays or even CT scans, and return trips to Melbourne if you have unexpected problems. All of these matters will be discussed at your consultation and we will provide you with the necessary referrals and letters to assist with your follow up and travel home. 




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